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Titan Property Management provides full service commercial real estate property management. Our collection of properties we manage include strip malls, retail, industrial, and office buildings. We provide a sole source of responsibility from tenant procurement to physical building maintenance and everything in between. Most importantly, our strategic planning and approach insures your property performs with a higher rate of return allowing you to focus on running your business. We manage vendors and subcontractors for property maintenance for landscaping, snow removal, and property repairs as needed. We insure that your building is and remains code compliant. Our administrative, financial, and general support services include:

  • dispute resolution & cost-effective measures for common problems
  • prompt & expertise responses, professional & considerate tactics
  • strategic planning insuring your property performs with a higher rate of return and sustains acceptable tenants for most stable income
  • accounting and financial record keeping

Our affiliate partner Titan Construction Services is on hand for any property improvements, restoration and renovation, rehab, as well as tenant fit-outs.

If you require daily oversight, we offer on-site management for corporate offices customized for your specific property requirements. We are well versed at working within your company employee infrastructure to maintain daily operations of your facility. We work consistently on the following:

  • Climate Control Systems. Network based temperature control systems, RTU's, AHU's, Boilers and Furnaces. Familiar with Trane, Johnson Controls and others.
  • Electrical Systems from the incoming electric utility to the electrical distribution including knowledge of UPS systems in data centers, emergency generation, lighting control and efficiency.
  • Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Management.
  • Septic System Maintenance and Management.
  • Physical Building Maintenance: Janitorial and office cleaning, managing of landscaping, exterior window cleaning, recycling, disposal services, snow removal.
  • Risk assessment: Provide Risk analysis to avoid potential worker compensation claims and liability claims.
  • Expand vendor and subcontractor network: Utilize existing contractors and establish new relationships when needed for specialized work.
  • Manage vendor network contracts and insurance certificate requirements.
  • Invoicing and Payment Authorizations: Work closely with the finance department on a payment system for vendors through your voucher system.
  • Budgeting: Work with the assigned director on existing and future budgets for fixed asset maintenance and capital improvement projects.
  • Communication: Work within the company intranet and internet services to provide constant communication to necessary personnel.
  • Responsiveness: Work as part of the company community being available consistently for quick and minor repairs and to address larger issues developing.
  • Project Coordination: Work closely with staff on projects which impact the daily routine of the employees and plan accordingly to complete projects timely, efficiently and within budget.